Coffee For A Bad Back?


A question often arises on whether it is advisable to have coffee for a bad back? The answer is yes. Doses of caffeine cause stimulation of the receptor cells in the nerves responsible for reducing the pain according to Norwegian researchers from the highly regarded research facility at the University of Oslo. In their experiment, those who had coffee before sitting at work for long periods did not experience soreness while those who did not have coffee were found to experience pain. Drinking coffee can result in an analgesic and anesthetic effect in reducing soreness in the muscles.



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Coffee For A Bad Back?

Norwegian researchers from the University of Oslo have found that a cup of coffee in the morning can effectively relieve back pain.

Experts conducted an experiment, which was attended by about fifty office staff. Before starting the work the first group drank a cup of coffee. Even after continuous sitting at a computer for a half hour volunteers did not feel pain in the back, neck and legs, while the second group of volunteers who were not given coffee before work, felt uncomfortable with all things being equal.


Those who are not fan of this drink, suffer much more often. Scientists explain the regularity that caffeine stimulates receptors responsible for reducing pain. Thus, scientists have confirmed the assumption that, in small doses, caffeine has analgesic effects by stimulating the receptors of the body responsible for the reduction of pain. By the way, coffee reduces the so-called Delayed onset muscle soreness after intense exercise. Thus, this delicious drink can be called anesthetic for muscular pain. Drink coffee for your health!


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It has been found that coffee has an analgesic as well as anesthetic effect in reducing sorenes. Small doses of caffeine are good for pain, as established through recent trials. To help keep your injury controlled – drink coffee – but remember not to get addicted to it. So, should you drink coffee for a bad back? If you have back soreness and are required to sit for long hours, drink a cup of coffee before you sit down to work. Now you have every excuse for a coffee break.



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