Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief


Exercise can be the key to recovery from back pain, as well as a good preventative measure

Pain affecting the top, middle, or lower portions of the back is a common symptom and affects almost all Americans. There is hardly an American who can say with his hand on his heart that he has not had a single episode of back or lower back pain in his lifetime. Such pain is an extremely common symptom, and many Americans visit emergency departments in hospitals or private clinics complaining of it.


Pain affecting the back afflicts middle-aged people and old people more than the young. It cannot be categorized as a disease like other serious diseases, but it is a disorder or a symptom. The following standard exercises for lower back pain relief will help everybody get gradual relief. You do not need to have any exercise equipment or join a gym to try these exercises, but it is always advisable to consult a doctor or a physician before trying any of these.

Here are some excellent exercises for lower back pain relief:


  1. Muscle stretching exercises to stimulate the Piriformis muscles: Compactness or tightness of the Piriformis muscles leads to sacroiliac joint dysfunction and intense aches along the Sciatic neurons or nerves. Lie supine and pass the affected leg over the other, and then place both your hands beneath the knees. Then try to bring your legs towards the chest. This should be continued for 30 seconds at a minimum, repeat the process at least two times every day.

  3. Perform muscle stretching exercises on the Psoas muscles: This muscle extends from the thoracic segment to the lumbar section. It can restrict mobility, especially low back mobility, if it is rigid. You can perform these workouts for making the Psoas muscles more flexible and supple. Consult a physiotherapist for workouts involving this muscle, or you can go online for advice.

  5. Hamstring muscle stretching workouts: The hamstring muscles extend from the pelvic bone and go straight down to the back of your knees. These muscles help in knee flexions and aid in hip stretching and extension. If these remain stiff or get stiff or rigid, you will have intense pain when sitting up straight or when trying to maintain a straight posture. So to avoid degenerative disc disease, you should always maintain a straight posture when you sit down.


The following stretching exercises are rudimentary exercises that will increase your steadiness and give you an erect posture. Needless to say, these exercises will give you much needed relief from pain affecting the muscles and skeleton of the back.


  1. Abdominal workouts: Instead of tiring or exhausting yourself out with sit-ups and abdominal crunches try performing the TVA (Transvesus Abdominis) abdominal exercises as they will give you better stability or posture.

  3. Workouts or exercises involving the buttocks: This exercise can be performed by lying on your abdomen with the lower portion including your hips and legs raised towards the ceiling. Make your buttocks compact, and then raise your legs slowly. Repeat the exercise, alternating with both legs.

  5. Hip Abductor exercises: The Hip Abductor muscle helps in positioning the pelvis when you are balanced on one leg with your stress on the front arch of the foot.

  7. Light exercises for low back stretching and relaxation: These exercises consist of walking, swimming, light cycling, and so on.


Therefore, these exercises for lower back pain relief can become the normal parts of a workout. You can do them at any stage depending on the type of pain.


In this video presentation Dr. Aaron LeBauer from Lebauer Physical Therapy demonstrates lower back pain relief exercises.



Here is another 5 minute “quick fix” yoga exercise video from yogatuneup.com that demonstrates how to strengthen your lower back and correct back problems with exercises for lower back pain relief.



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