High Heels Cause Back Pain


This article considers why continuously wearing high-heeled shoes may put women at greater risk of developing lower back pain. Although the legs may look beautiful and sexy, high heels cause back pain. It results in a shorter Achilles tendon, as a result of which even changing to flat shoes does not help in fully touching the ground with the heels. The ankle joints are affected after being in a state of prolonged plantar flexion due to wearing high heels. It may also result in an ankle sprain and injury due to slips and falls. The position of the foot while wearing high heels prevents it from absorbing any shock, resulting in greater load strain on the knees, hips, and lower back, which may ultimately lead to arthritis.



High Heels Cause Back Pain

High Heals

Can High Heals Cause Back Pain?

There’s the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to high heels. Yes, they elongate the leg and make it look lovely and sexy but that gain comes with pain.


Besides foot, leg and back pain, chronic high heel wearers may even begin to have pain when wearing flats. “Successive years of wearing high heels can cause a physiologically shorter Achilles tendon, resulting in the inability of their heel to fully touch the ground,” says Dr. Joseph Pratile, chiropractor at Vita Integrative Health Clinic in Toronto.


High heels negatively affect the ankle joint by placing it in a prolonged state of plantar flexion, increasing the risk of ankle sprains and slips and falls due to weakened foot and ankle stability.


The foot’s downward pointing in high heels reduces the ability to flex the foot and absorb shock. “This places a greater load on the knees, hips and lower back which may contribute to arthritis,” says Pratile.


Wearing anything higher than a 2-inch heel can change normal gait patterns, “resulting in a shorter stride length, increased stance time, unstable posture and gait and decreased lumbar flexion angles.”


Wearing high heels is linked to shin and back pain. “The tibialis anterior and erector spinae muscles increase their activation when wearing high heels as compensatory mechanisms to prevent the body from falling forward,” adds Pratile.


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Seeing women struggle in high heels probably means that it is not surprising that high heels cause back pain. Wearing high heels brings in a change in normal gait patterns, increased stance, shorter stride length, and unstable postures, which adds pressure on the knees and the lower back. Muscles in the legs tend to work more to prevent the woman from falling forward, which results in shin and back pain. Heels higher than 2 inches may change the posture and affect the lower back.



This short video by chiropractor Dr. Alan Mandell demonstrates the biomechanics of the spine. Standing and working for prolonged periods in high heels is contraindicated and will eventually lead to pain and distress.




Dr. Mark Weaver from afootcarecenter.com discusses how correcting a foot problem can help with your back pain.


Find for detailed information about wearing the correct footwear and how it relates to back pain. Order your copy of The 7 Day Back Pain Cure below while the free offer is still available.



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