Ideas For Lower Back Pain Relief


Pain in the lumbar region may sometimes be unbearable, and, for some, often it can turn chronic. There are many ways that lower back pain relief may be obtained. Here, we shall discuss the effective methods of treatment for lower back pain that remain popular for the last thirty years.


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Here are some great ideas for alleviating your back pain

• Lower back pain exercises are a unique way for rehabilitation from pain associated with the lower portion of the back. Proper stretching exercises, which include stretching the lower back muscles and the hip and abdominal muscles, provide great relief to lower back pain sufferers.


• Proper posture and ergonomics are essential for lower back pain relief. Keeping to proper posture, especially while sitting for long hours, will help to prevent the pain from aggravating.


• Chiropractic therapy is a popular means of treatment for lower back pain, which involves manipulation of the spinal cord to relieve pressure from the nerves. This process regularizes the blood flow causing a substantial reduction in pain.


• Heat diffusers and candle diffusers can be an effective way to reduce lower back pain. Application of the recommended amount of heat results in normal blood flow and helps the muscles to relax.


• Medicines belonging to the NSAID group, narcotic drugs, Opoids, oral steroids, and muscle relaxants are some that reduce lower back pain. Other means of medicinal treatment include the use of anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, and antidepressant drugs, which can have long standing effects.


• Electric stimulation of a mild capacity using a TENS machine has been found to work well in providing relief to lower back pain.


• If the pain in the lower back is acute, then ultrasound therapy may be helpful to enhance the natural healing process and restore the normal blood flow to the region.


• Epidural injections have been proved to be effective. Here, steroids are injected into the body to act directly into the location where there is inflammation. This steroid reduces the inflammation and provides lower back pain relief.


• Therapeutic massage is very useful to make the muscles relax, and, in general, reduces mental and physical tension. Tension along with depression can be causes of lower back pain. By raising the Endomorphin level within the body, massage helps to reduce the rigidity of the muscles.


• Acupuncture is another effective method of treatment for lower back pain. Needles are inserted to remove the energy blocks in the invisible pathway of our body. This helps to release the natural Opoids, neurochemicals, and hormones to act as a natural pain reliever.


• Discarding any smoking habit will be useful to relieve the nerves and muscles, which in turn will reduce lower back pain.


• Use of the White Willow bark helps in releasing Salicylic Acid, which is a natural pain reliever.


• Yoga exercises of the lower back are very helpful for providing lower back pain relief. Regular yoga exercises that are advised by a professional instructor will be helpful in reducing back pain.


• Music therapy is a process by which mental relaxation is obtained through music; therefore, reducing tension and depression as the major causes of lower back pain. This therapy has been proved to be successful when tied out in clinics.


Medication and alternate medicine therapy both have good effects on patients hoping to recover from lower back pain, where surgery is advised as the ultimate option.


Here are some more ideas from Jesse Cannone from the Healthy Back Institute. There are 2 videos that are very informative in relation to getting rid of back pain. You can get a free copy of his book on our website by signing up in the top right hand side of this page.






And here is a video of some quick exercises you can do to alleviate back pain immediately.


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