Sex And Back Pain


What if you can make your sexual life more pleasant by understanding that there are ways to tackle sex and back pain through finding the compatible positions that will allow you to satisfy your partner, and at the same time prevent any recurrence of the back pain affecting you. According to this article, just do some Pilates or Yoga before sex to prevent any neoromusculoskeletal impairment. Trying different sexual positions can be important in avoiding pain while love making. Take a hot shower, massage, engage in foreplay or other means of having sex. You can also treat your partner to a soapy bath and give attention to other forms of intimacy if the back soreness is so unbearable.



Sex And Back Pain

Back pain can affect what goes on in the bedroom, but there are steps you can take to address the situation - without skipping intimacy

Talk about it
Back pain can be tricky because people often look fine, even if they feel terrible. That’s all the more reason to keep your partner in the loop.


“The most important thing is to be open with your partner and have ongoing discussions about how the pain is interfering with sexual intimacy,” says Needle. “This will help the partner in pain to not just avoid sex, but instead to team up with their partner to find ways for sex to be more comfortable and enjoyable.”


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Work it out.


Dr. Maureen O’Leary, a specialist in orthopaedic injuries and neuromusculoskeletal impairments, guides clients through exercises designed to stretch and strengthen muscles.


“I’m also a big fan of Pilates, which is very effective at strengthening the muscles in the abdomen and torso that help support the back,” she says.


Yoga may help, too: “I personally have recurrent lower back issues and have found that practicing yoga several times a week, especially right before sex, helps tremendously,” says sex and marriage therapist Shellie M. Selove.


An experienced instructor, personal trainer or physical therapist can explain specific exercises and stretches that target the area of your back that’s problematic.



Make adjustments.


It makes sense that, depending on the location of your pain, some sexual positions will be more and less comfortable than others. “People with lower back problems like sciatica or a herniated disc tend to feel more pain when bending forward, while those with spinal stenosis may find bending backward to be more painful,” explains O’Leary.


Let your body be your guide. If lying on your back hurts, you may want to be on top during sex, or vice versa. Side-by-side or spooning positions can take pressure off the back.


Experiment by placing a pillow under your lower back, stomach, knees or neck to see if the extra support helps, or try an angled pillow to make certain positions more comfortable, suggests sex educator Stephanie Mitelman.


Are you too tired for sex?


Explore other forms of intimacy. “It’s so important to touch and be touched by your partner,” says Needles. Taking a hot bath or shower or getting a massage can help loosen tense muscles before sex.


Even better, they can be fun, connecting forms of foreplay: Treat your partner to a soapy shower, or trade gentle massages to get in the mood. If intercourse seems like it might be too painful, make foreplay the main attraction, or focus on other forms of intimacy, such as cuddling, kissing, oral or manual stimulation, or simply sharing a fantasy.


Most causes of back pain eventually resolve with time and proper care. Whether you choose to make some adjustments in the bedroom or decide to make rest your priority, there’s no need to banish intimacy altogether. Take this opportunity to connect and communicate with your partner — inside the bedroom and out.


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When you are faced with a situation when you have to decide on whether to have sex or just forget about it due to back pain, then it is time to take advice on the ways to keep your back and your partner satisfied at the same time. Try not to correlate sex and back pain, as it will affect your sex life. Instead, take to the positions as advised during intimacy with your partner. Just when you thought worrying about a headache was your only concern, back pain can also be a real turn off.



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