Pregnancy Back Pain Options


Pregnant women may experience pain in the back due to the combined pressure of the weight of the growing baby and the adaptable ligaments due to hormonal changes. Pregnancy back pain options include gentle exercises, lying down for some time, ergonomic chairs and tables, and transversusabdiminus exercises to strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen according to this article. Yoga and mild stretching exercises with a pillow between bent knees, and one under the abdomen will help in preventing pain in the lower back during pregnancy. It is advisable to consult a physician or physical instructor before taking on these exercises. Sometimes a cat stretch can yield better results in eliminating pain because it may prevent any untoward slip or fall.



Pregnancy Back Pain Options

While pregnant your options are limited as far as pain killers and muscle relaxants go, so you need to find other ways to deal with pain during pregnancy. Read about it in this article below.


After 12 weeks the ligaments in your body become more supple as a result of hormonal changes. When combined with the weight of a growing baby, the pressure increases on the back. What you do in the day will also contribute to these pains. Check your chair and desk are set up correctly and try gentle exercise, such as swimming. A lie-down in the day can work wonders, but avoid sitting on the sofa for too long in the evening.


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Strengthening the transversusabdominus will help and is safe in pregnancy. Pull the lower abdominal muscles towards the spine and hold for five to 10 seconds, breathing normally (engage these muscles by scooping in your tummy as if zipping up tight jeans). Repeat five to 10 times a day. The child pose is also good: kneel on the floor with legs slightly apart, then lean forwards until your forehead is on the floor, arms outstretched.



Lie on your side with your knees bent, a pillow between your thighs and another pillow supporting the underside of your abdomen. A good stretch to ease back pain is the cat stretch. On all fours, align your hands under the shoulders and knees under hips. Round your lower back by bringing your tailbone down and pulling your stomach in while nodding the chin to your chest. Return to neutral alignment. Repeat five times.


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Following some pregnancy back pain options, back pain can be avoided. Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates experts have suggested some stretching and muscle strengthening exercises for pregnant women to prevent or arrest back pain, which is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. Daily routine is also important where some advice has been followed in order to minimize the possibility of the spine being stressed. Keep in mind the position of the baby, and do your exercises accordingly to avoid unnecessary complications. Of course, as your pregnancy progresses your mobility will be affected.



Prenatal fitness warm up that can safely be performed throughout your entire pregnancy. Effective, safe moves for anyone interested in strengthening and toning their body. By Dr. Cathy – Chiropractor, Group Fitness Instructor, Writer and Professional Speaker at




In this video we join a Philips Avent Pregnancy Yoga Class with Uma Dinsmore – Yoga Teacher. Yoga in pregnancy is an ancient system of truly holistic self care and spiritual development. It is helpful to pregnant women simply because it works at every level to create a genuine sense of well-being and joy.





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