Standing Desk For Back Pain Relief


For those suffering from lower back problems due to improper posture while sitting for long hours at the desk, the ultimate solution has arrived with the innovation of a standing desk for back pain relief. Young people working from home and having to sit for prolonged hours are prone to back problems, which arise from stiffness in the neck through to lower back pain.


Lots of money is spent on trying to innovate solutions to improve our lives, including our working environment.  It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that we are healthy at work as many days are lost each year due to employees suffering with back injuries. Keeping your feet up on the desk or positioning them sideways can be the cause of poor posture, which can cause lower back issues. Such poor posture can aggravate back soreness and give rise to serious problems according to this article.



Standing Desk For Back Pain Relief

Pain can make it difficult to sit down, stand up, or get comfortable to go to sleep

Derek Collins, 31, spends his days doing Web development for Kissmetrics, a 4-year-old Web-analytics company that moved into downtown San Francisco in June. Before he moved into that office, Collins worked from home for many years – first for the city government in Prescott, Ariz., and then for Kissmetrics. All that working from home added up to a sharp back pain that followed the Ohio native until he and his colleagues built their own standing desks for less than $120 each.


It started when I was working from home. I’d never had a desk job before, so when I started working for the city, doing Web development there, that’s when I started sitting a lot.


I have terrible sitting habits. I’d have feet up on the desk, sideways. I just had horrible sitting habits. And eventually my tailbone, my lower back started to hurt.


It got to the point where it was difficult for me to sit in a car for long periods of time. It was difficult for me to fly on a plane. Anything involving sitting for more than 45 minutes or an hour really bothered me. I was pretty young – under 30 at the time – and I thought, “I’m too young to be having problems like that.”


I started doing research, and that’s when I started finding articles about how bad it is to sit, not just for your back but for your health overall. That’s when I started saying, “I’m going to create a standing desk.”


I had (the desk in) a home office in Arizona, then when I moved here, I lived in a studio apartment, and I didn’t really have space for anything like that. Initially, I was working from home, sitting on a couch or working from a coffee shop, which meant I was sitting on a chair there.


The main thing is that I’ve always exercised and been in pretty good shape. I’ve considered myself in decent shape most of my life. I just found it really surprising that I was having these back problems, especially at such a young age. It was just like, this seems crazy, you know?


And definitely, the standing desk absolutely helped with my back problems. It did go away.


Those who have a bad way of sitting and an improper posture while at desk work will find the standing desk for back pain relief the ideal solution in helping to maintain an ergonomic position. This will prevent lower back pain.


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Ignoring the first symptoms of back pain because you feel you are too young to suffer from back pain may lead to future complications. If we spend many hours sitting at an office desk, we soon find out how bad it is to sit in an improper posture. Working in a standing position prevents back pain, making the standing desk for back pain relief an ideal solution.



Galya Denzel from the shows how to improve your sitting alignment at work so that you avoid headaches, back pain and neck tension, digestive issues, pelvic floor disorder and other mechanical ailments.



 “Your posture is more in the normal alignment standing as opposed to sitting down and most people don’t slouch as much when they stand up as they do when they sit down,” says Dr. Lacagnina of Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers. Get more information on sitting down and back pain in this informative video.





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