Stretches For Lower Back Pain


Stretches for lower back pain include various poses associated with the ancient art of Yoga. There are side bends and other exercises of the hamstrings and quadriceps, and foam rolling that can have a wondrous effect in those suffering from lower back pain. The Pigeon Pose and Spinal Twist are two great Yoga exercises, which allow extra blood flow to the joints and muscles to create a relaxing sensation. Side bends with a certain weight being carried in either hand can prove to be effective, but excess weight may aggravate the injury. Hamstring exercises can prevent an increase of pressure on the joints and muscles of the lumbar spine that help in relaxing the fascial connections and tendon attachment to the hamstrings of the pelvis. Quadricep exercises can also have a similar effect, while a foam roller will help in fixing the kinks and knots in the lower back as explained in this article.


Stretches For Lower Back Pain

The big secret to relieving lower back pain is loosening the muscles that are causing the pelvis to move out of alignment.

Yoga – There are a lot of great yoga poses you can utilize to help. Spinal Twist and Pigeon Pose are a couple of simple poses, but really great ones to do on a regular basis. They are both fairly relaxing, as well. One thing I like to incorporate with the spinal twist is to first hug the knees into the chest and hold for about 10 seconds, then let the knees fall to either side, and hold there for 10-15 seconds. After that, go back to the middle for another 10 seconds, then let the knees fall to the other side and hold for 10-15 seconds. Then repeat this cycle another 1-2 times. This helps the joints and muscles get a ‘pumping’ kind of action that allows some extra blood flow to the area and also helps loosen things up. Yoga has a lot of great poses and other health benefits as well – I just listed my two favorite poses here.


Side Bends – Bending straight to the side and holding for a few seconds can also just feel really good. I have some other variations that I give to my patients depending on their tolerance – I may have them incorporate a three-pound weight in one arm to increase the stretch or some mild rotation or forward bending. For the variations, it is best if I show people just to avoid any further injury or aggravation.


Hamstrings – Most people don’t think to stretch their legs out if their back is hurting, but some good hamstring stretches can be beneficial. The simplest and easiest way to stretch the hamstrings is to stand up and do a simple forward bend or seated on the floor with the legs straight in front and reaching for your toes. I find pretty commonly that people with low back pain also have tight hamstrings. This is because of the fascial connections that exist between the hamstrings and muscles of the low back, as well as the direct tendinous attachment of the hamstrings on the pelvis. Tight hamstrings can cause the pelvis to be misaligned, increasing pressure on the joints and muscles of the lumbar spine.


Quadriceps – Similar to the hamstrings, the quads can also play a role in low back pain because of their attachment points on the pelvis and fascial connections. The easiest stretch is to get into kneeling lunge, keeping your back up nice and tall. For the more flexible among us, you can also reach back and grab the foot that is on the ground and pull it in towards your glutes.


Foam Rolling – While foam rolling isn’t a stretch exactly, it can really help to work out some of the knots and kinks in your lower and upper back. I recommend a high density foam roller, as these will last longer and are firmer. You get more bang for your buck.


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There is a wide range of exercises of the major muscle groups that can be useful for sufferers of back pain.  Where muscle groups are tight or inflamed, there are some stretches for lower back pain that helps to relax the muscle connections and improve blood flow to the joints and muscles of the back. These stretches can help to prevent an increase in pressure on various parts of the spine.


Here are some stretching exercises from Glan Azar which can assist in alleviating lower back pain by loosening muscles through the lower back





Another video showing you the most effective stretches for immediate relief from lower back pain and stiffness by Gavin Morrison physical therapist/author 7 secrets of back pain.




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