Yoga For Lower Back Pain Relief


Every year it costs millions of dollars in the US on back pain relief for patients. Doctors and medical practitioners are continuously trying to find out quick and long-term relief for back pain. Recent studies have shown that yoga is something that if practised regularly not only cures your stress, it also cures back pain, and it prevents it from relapsing, too. There are certain yoga positions that need to be done regularly to keep you from suffering back pain. The stretches are very healthy for your back. They help keep all the muscles healthy and aligned. Yoga also corrects your posture, which results in relief from back pain. So yoga for lower back pain relief is a solution to reduce the number of patients suffering from back pain.



Yoga For Lower Back Pain Relief

Yoga for back pain

Yoga Has Been Successful In Achieving Lower Back Pain Relief


Yoga is often practiced to achieve spiritual peace or tranquility but now, new research shows it could be the answer to relieving lower back pain.


A recent study shows the exercise to be more effective than standard care.


According to researchers with the American College of Physicians, it’s not a stretch to say back pain is the second most common reason for a trip to the doctor, costing the U.S. health care system billions of dollars each year.


The group monitored more than 300 people for one year.


“There have been a number of other studies that look at the effect of yoga on lower back pain for up to three months, and these all tend to show a positive benefit,” said Dr. David Torgerson, professor at the University of York and a members of ACP. “The difference with our study is that we had a much longer follow for six to twelve months to see if the effect of yoga was more long-lasting.”


Each participant was asked to rate their back function using a standardized questionnaire.

Researchers say the results may surprise you.


“After three months of yoga, the patients who were receiving yoga performed about 30 percent greater number of tasks compared with those who didn’t receive yoga.”


The study found that yoga patients showed more long-term improvement in back function than the usual care patients.


They were twice as likely to perform simple tasks like getting out of a chair, household chores or just making it up the stairs.


Researchers say the patients even showed a boost in confidence.


“Yoga may be better than standard care for improving back function because it not only combines a gentle form of physical exercise, but it also combines an, an emphasis on mental exercises to improve people’s coping mechanisms with back pain.”


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This easy to follow video on yoga techniques for lower back pain is from a certified yoga instructor Esther Eckhart



Here is an excellent video on getting back pain relief from Yoga teacher Jen Hilman.
It runs for 14 minutes but it is wonderful so get comfortable!



When you are overweight, your abdominal muscles become weak. Much of the body weight puts undue pressure on your lower back so that you become overburdened with back pain. Even if you are 50 years of age, your movements seem to be like an 80 year old person. It is no wonder why you could easily lose interest in your life. Your confidence suffers, and you are not as productive as you used to be when you were a teenager. The only solution to keep your back on track is regular yoga practised under a professional instructor. Much of research has shown that yoga is like a blessing to your body and mind. So people need to be aware about how yoga can help your body and mind. You will quickly find out how effective yoga for lower back pain relief can be.


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