Smart Devices Causing Spinal Pain

May 13th, 2014 Posted in Prevention

  Smart devices causing spinal pain has been the recent trend in which the young generation is being threatened with back and neck soreness at the early stage of their lives according to this article from The Standard. Strained neck muscles, wrist, and back pain are associated with using an iPad or tablet for many hours at a time. Acute to chronic spinal pain can be attributed to the use of modern gadgets. Surveys reveal that 97% of the users had lumbar or neck pain, which had even lingered for more than 90 days. Physical therapists recommend consulting a doctor if the pain persists for more than two weeks. In doing so, proper diagnosis can be made whether the pain is due to fracture, bacterial infection, or tumor. Neuropathic pain   Read more…


Sports Bra To Relieve Back Pain

March 3rd, 2014 Posted in Prevention

  It is essential to have the right sports bra to relieve back pain during exercises aimed at reducing back ache. Irrespective of the size of the breasts, it is important to wear a proper bra, which will help the bust to be supported by the neck, back, and shoulders according to this article. To find the right kind of bra during workouts, it is necessary to carry out some freehand movements to see whether the bra is suitable for the purpose. While choosing the perfect bra during exercises for pain relief, it is important to ensure that the bra does not cause breathing problems and not hurt the underarm region. Ensure that the straps do not hurt your skin and the cup holds the entire breast without any bulging.   Read more…


Ways To Prevent Lower Back Problems

February 18th, 2014 Posted in Prevention

  The following ways to prevent lower back problems will help to keep an individual engaged in daily activities without risking any injury to the back or neck. Changing the body position frequently and taking breaks during activities is important to prevent putting strain on the spine. Proper body mechanisms prevent the risk of injury where exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles are performed correctly. Proper alignment of the spine is important so that the spine has its natural curve and are not flat, which compresses the nerves. Wearing proper shoes will help in maintaining proper posture. Managing our own stress through exercise and other ways can prevent lumbar injury. Ultimately, having an overall good health through proper diet and weight loss exercises can be of immense help in preventing   Read more…


Does Manipulation Of Your Back Contribute To A Stroke?

December 4th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

spinal manipulation

Although chiropractic manipulation has been proved to be effective in back pain, there has been much debate over the effectiveness of this method for neck pain and even more “high velocity” thrusts for neck adjustment has resulted in a severe stroke in some patients according to this article in the Huffington Post. This answer to “can a stroke be caused by manipulating your spine” is certainly true.Fast movement of the neck can sometimes lead to the vertebral arteries tearing away causing blood clots, a stroke, and permanent disability. The adverse effects of spinal manipulation is not ruled out where patients suffer from a headache, neck pain, and dizziness, and in the rarest of cases, could lead to fatal brain stroke. Healthy and young adults are more prone to serious side   Read more…


How To Prevent Back Injuries From Golf

August 1st, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  It is important to be aware of technique before going for a long period of playing golf to avoid injury and to protect your back. Learning the ways of how to prevent back injuries from golf can help in protecting the back from injuries according to this article. It is advisable to go through warm-ups before actually teeing off. A lot of homework relating to core strengthening exercises, endurance tests, confirming flexibility of muscles, strength, and proper posture are related to physical fitness. Try stretching exercises, drink as much water you can, wear a properly fitting pair of shoes, use a double-strapped golf bag, and ensure that the clubs are compatible for you.     PGA Golf professional Stuart Mason of Welwyn Garden City talks to acupuncturist Les Huyton   Read more…


Coffee For A Bad Back?

July 20th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  A question often arises on whether it is advisable to have coffee for a bad back? The answer is yes. Doses of caffeine cause stimulation of the receptor cells in the nerves responsible for reducing the pain according to Norwegian researchers from the highly regarded research facility at the University of Oslo. In their experiment, those who had coffee before sitting at work for long periods did not experience soreness while those who did not have coffee were found to experience pain. Drinking coffee can result in an analgesic and anesthetic effect in reducing soreness in the muscles.     What causes pain? Find out what actually causes your back soreness so that you know how to address the cause of your pain not just the symptoms of your   Read more…


Pain Relief From Sitting

July 6th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  Prolonged hours of sitting will result in immobility of the body. This is a contributing factor towards degeneration of spinal discs causing back ache. A few simple things can help pain relief from sitting such as movement and getting up at frequent intervals, stretching your back, and keeping a proper posture while sitting on the chair and making full use of a backrest according to this article. Using the perfect chair to allow your body to sit in an ergonomic way is advisable, and use of a standing desk can be very helpful in keeping the vertebrae in an upright position. Over and above following these tips, keep active throughout the day to say good bye to pain in your back.     In this video, Christie Powell, head   Read more…


Relief While Sleeping

July 1st, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  Although there are a number of options for relief while sleeping, consulting a physiatrist may help in restricting the inflammation. A physiatrist is concerned with restoration of functional disability in people affected with spinal injury. A few things may be advised for keeping proper sleeping postures, but using pillows between the knees, under the legs, and on the chest will allow undisturbed sleep for those who sleep on their side according to this article.     Tips to relive back ache while sleeping by Chiropractor Dr. Rustin Glass.       Relief While Sleeping   You spend a third of your life sleeping, give or take, and sometimes the way you sleep can lead to chronic spinal injury.   The cure for that pain could be getting rid of   Read more…


Pain Relief For Gardening

June 28th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  Gardening is cited as a definite cause for back ache. To get pain relief for gardening, this article describes some tips recommended by doctors. These include warming up before starting the work, having enough water for muscle hydration, mixing up the various gardening activities, maintaining proper posture while mowing and keeping proper posture while weeding. Other advice for gardening without pain includes keeping the spine straight while lifting garden rubbish, switching sides while raking, wearing proper gardening shoes and taking breaks during work to regain your original posture. Hiring a local person to do your work could be advisable. If the aggravation persists, treatment includes heat and ice, exercise, chiropractic treatment and regular weight loss exercises are recommended.     Gardening tips to avoiding back soreness with Dr. Jeff   Read more…


Back Pain Myths

June 25th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  There are certain back pain myths, that many people assume are gospel. No exact and proven cause for spinal soreness has been established, although billions of dollars are being spent each year. There are some common claims which underlie the causes of back soreness, such as bulging discs, vertebrae fracture, stenosis, spinal curvatures, pelvic tilts, and leg length asymmetry according to this article. Lack of core strength is also attributed towards pain in the back, but none of these have been found to have established citations.     Dr Andrew Quaile, Consultant Spinal and Orthopaedic Surgeon and Medical Director of SpineWorks answers some common FAQ questions about myths related to back soreness.       Back Pain Myths 95 percent of spinal cases (such as muscle spasms or a   Read more…