Pain Relief At Home


Natural home remedies can work wonders for pain relief at home according to this article. Massage therapists can provide information about Yoga and Chinese therapy, which aids the process of natural healing. Taking cues from the following tips from Massage Therapists and Estheticians, one can get relief from chronic pain within a short time. These include sleeping with a pillow under the legs, drinking coconut water for hydration, and proper application of eye cream. You will get information on how to keep your immune system healthy by keeping your lymphatic system in proper shape. Another method of treatment is application of heat and ice, which can be very effective.



Pain Relief At Home

back pain relief exercises

Back pain relief exercises and stretches can do you the world of good

When it comes to natural home care remedies, tips, and tricks, massage therapists are an excellent source of information. They not only study these subjects in massage school, many massage therapists are also involved in yoga, Chinese medicine, and other areas which add to their knowledge of natural healing. Estheticians are another great source of information on skin care and skin health.


Below is a summary of a few recent tips for massage therapists and estheticians.


Sleep with a pillow under legs to reduce low back pain: People with low back pain can find great relief when placing a pillow under their knees while sleeping on their back. This provides support to the hips and low back for resting ease. If you sleep on your side…Read full tip on reducing low back pain.


Drink coconut water for hydration: During these extremely hot days, we need to stay hydrated, especially if like me, you have been sweating a lot!! Coconut water is the natural way to replace your electrolytes and Trader Joe’s has coconut water popsicles, with coconut flakes in them!! Read full tip on coconut water.


How to properly apply eye cream: When applying your daily eye cream always start from the outside corner and move inward with your ring finger. When you apply it the opposite way you are pulling any fine lines outward which we are definitely trying to avoid. Read full tip on applying eye cream.


How to keep your immune system healthy: Our lymphatic system is our body’s first line of defense, and keeping our lymph flowing is crucial. Our lymph, unlike our blood, does not have a pump to keep it moving. If you get swollen lymph nodes or swelling in your extremities this may be a sign of stagnant lymph. There are some simple yet effective self care methods to help your lymph flow properly that I would like to share with you. Read full tip on immune system health.


Alternating heat and ice can help sore muscles and joints: The next time you have a sore shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee, or other joint try this simple home treatment – alternate ice and heat. This simple technique is used by massage therapists, sport medicine doctors, physical therapists, trainers, and much more. First apply heat to the affected area with a hot towel or other source of heat. The towel should be as hot as you can take it, but not so hot that it will burn you. Read full tip on alternating heat and ice.


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If you are not into prescription drugs, then you might prefer other ways to get pain relief at home through massage therapies and Estheticians. You can be provided with enough information for getting relief from chronic back pain. Massage Therapists can provide the right information and give tips, which will help you to recover from back pain. Estheticians can give you information on skin care and skin health. Tips given by Massage Therapists can be effective at making you more comfortable and relieving the symptoms. Keeping your immune system healthy through keeping the lymphatic system operating properly is another way to recuperate from chronic back pain. Massage Therapists suggest the application of heat and ice to get relief from sore muscles and joint pains.



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