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Chiropractic Treatment Of Sciatica

July 15th, 2013 Posted in Treatment

  Chiropractic treatment of Sciatica is one of the best alternative treatments for spinal soreness, but the chiropractor needs to diagnose the cause of the compression of the sciatic nerve first according to this article. This can be caused by misalignment of the vertebral segments, diabetes, constipation and damage to the Piriforis muscle due to a fall, hip arthritis and improper posture of the leg while sitting or driving for long hours. There should be proper diagnosis before deciding on the course of chiropractic treatment. Along with spinal manipulation of the nerve involved in chiropractic treatment, other therapies may be combined to get faster relief from back problems.     Chiropractic Treatment Of Sciatica Sciatica is generally caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. Disorders known to cause sciatic nerve   Read more…


Blood Injections For Back Pain

July 11th, 2013 Posted in Treatment

  This article explains a new mode of therapy involving blood injections for back pain, which focuses on mechanical dysfunction of the joints and treatment of inflammation of the damaged tissues. The injected blood is heated up to boost the concentration of proteins that help by reducing inflammation of the damaged tissues. To get the maximum benefit, good sleep, diet and body conditioning are essential when combined with this autologous blood injection method of treatment.     Dr Ross Hauser demonstrates a prolotherapy treatment to the lower back, as done at Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services in Oak Park, Illinois. Dr. Hauser specializes in tough cases of chronic pain and sports injuries.         Blood Injections For Back Pain Biologic medicine is a rapidly growing field. Wehling’s Regenokine   Read more…


Pain Relief From Sitting

July 6th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  Prolonged hours of sitting will result in immobility of the body. This is a contributing factor towards degeneration of spinal discs causing back ache. A few simple things can help pain relief from sitting such as movement and getting up at frequent intervals, stretching your back, and keeping a proper posture while sitting on the chair and making full use of a backrest according to this article. Using the perfect chair to allow your body to sit in an ergonomic way is advisable, and use of a standing desk can be very helpful in keeping the vertebrae in an upright position. Over and above following these tips, keep active throughout the day to say good bye to pain in your back.     In this video, Christie Powell, head   Read more…


Are Steroid Injections To Relieve Back Problems Worth It?

July 5th, 2013 Posted in Treatment

  The question are steroid injections to relieve back problems worth it? has made many sufferers of spinal injury think twice before using them according to this article. However, the truth is that the problem relates to three batches of drugs manufactured by the same pharmaceutical company. Nevertheless, it is true that these injections are for specific types of soreness and only after initial treatment and precautions have been followed. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have made the situation more volatile by disclosing details of the numbers of people affected and those who have died while advising on what to do in case a person has already been administered one of the doses. Medical experts have opined that these steroid injections are only for those who have debilitating pain   Read more…


Relief While Sleeping

July 1st, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  Although there are a number of options for relief while sleeping, consulting a physiatrist may help in restricting the inflammation. A physiatrist is concerned with restoration of functional disability in people affected with spinal injury. A few things may be advised for keeping proper sleeping postures, but using pillows between the knees, under the legs, and on the chest will allow undisturbed sleep for those who sleep on their side according to this article.     Tips to relive back ache while sleeping by Chiropractor Dr. Rustin Glass.       Relief While Sleeping   You spend a third of your life sleeping, give or take, and sometimes the way you sleep can lead to chronic spinal injury.   The cure for that pain could be getting rid of   Read more…


Pain Relief For Gardening

June 28th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  Gardening is cited as a definite cause for back ache. To get pain relief for gardening, this article describes some tips recommended by doctors. These include warming up before starting the work, having enough water for muscle hydration, mixing up the various gardening activities, maintaining proper posture while mowing and keeping proper posture while weeding. Other advice for gardening without pain includes keeping the spine straight while lifting garden rubbish, switching sides while raking, wearing proper gardening shoes and taking breaks during work to regain your original posture. Hiring a local person to do your work could be advisable. If the aggravation persists, treatment includes heat and ice, exercise, chiropractic treatment and regular weight loss exercises are recommended.     Gardening tips to avoiding back soreness with Dr. Jeff   Read more…


Back Pain Myths

June 25th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  There are certain back pain myths, that many people assume are gospel. No exact and proven cause for spinal soreness has been established, although billions of dollars are being spent each year. There are some common claims which underlie the causes of back soreness, such as bulging discs, vertebrae fracture, stenosis, spinal curvatures, pelvic tilts, and leg length asymmetry according to this article. Lack of core strength is also attributed towards pain in the back, but none of these have been found to have established citations.     Dr Andrew Quaile, Consultant Spinal and Orthopaedic Surgeon and Medical Director of SpineWorks answers some common FAQ questions about myths related to back soreness.       Back Pain Myths 95 percent of spinal cases (such as muscle spasms or a   Read more…


Best Cars For Your Lower Back

June 20th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  The best cars for your lower back are those that have seats designed to be ergonomic, supporting the lumbar region strongly to prevent stiffness from either short or long hours of driving. It is advisable to try the seats first when buying a car, as poor lumbar support can either cause injury or help you avoid it, according to this article. What seems like a comfortable seat at first sight may turn into a catastrophe after sitting or driving for long hours. While driving, it is advisable to change and maintain comfortable postures every half an hour to avoid a stiff spine and hips.     Improving core stability and balance can occur while sitting in a car. Lisa Ann McCall – Physical Therapist from McCallMethod.com demonstrates sitting properly   Read more…


Back Injuries From Golf

June 18th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

Golfing Injuries are common

  After years of playing golf, a golfer may experience arthritis in the knees, lower spine and hips. Improper posture involving long hours of stooping is the major cause of back injuries from golf. This causes stiffness in the knees and hips, which ultimately may have a debilitating effect causing inability to move freely. A new therapy for reducing the soreness called Microcurrent Therapy has been found to be effective in relieving injuries from golf according to this article. This method involves sending specific microcurrent frequencies to the tissues of the affected areas using electrodes and special Graphite gloves. The inflammation subsides, and the golfer improves after several sessions of this therapy.     Dr. Jim Suttie and Dr. Daniel Hurley give instruction to golfers who have had spinal and   Read more…


Best Ergonomic Chair For Your Back

June 13th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  Those who are required to sit for long hours need the best ergonomic chair for your back according to this article. The chair should support the important areas of the body to prevent lumbar injuries. Not only will this chair provide adequate support to the spine, it will also increase the productivity of the person using it. Why not spend a few bucks extra to have the proper furniture with which you will spend most of the day instead of having to spend your time on visits to the Chiropractor. Among the best quality ergonomic chairs, the top five include Embody by Herman Miller, Life by Formway, Different World by Humanscale Healthcare, Leap by Steelcase, and Zody by Kaworth.     Certain chairs are custom built specifically to meet   Read more…