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There are many kinds of back pain treatment available to patients. The pain can often vary in intensity and type. That is why the treatment can vary from patient to patient. If the pain is only minimal it often goes away on its own with no treatment at all. But if you want to get some temporary relief, then you can take over-the-counter medication like paracetamol, ibuprofen or similar drugs. However, there are many instances where these medicines do not help. It is then that you should go to a medical practitioner for alternative treatment.


Know your back pain treatment options before beginning a treatment that may not be best suited to you.


If your back feels stiff or hard then a hot pack or a cold pack may help you get some relief but you should, of course, also seek medical advice. Hot and cold packs work for different types of pain. If there is a spasm of muscle that causes pain then a hot pack may help, however if there is swelling and a deep pain then a cold pack can often provide relief. You can also alternate hot and cold packs for even more effective back pain treatment.



Learn how to treat lower back pain naturally. In this video Dr. Meschino of Meschino Health explains causes of lower back pain and provides natural treatments that help reduce pain and inflammation.


When you are experiencing chronic pain then exercise may be suitable and can be an effective method to ease this sort of pain. However, it is extremely important to consult a doctor or a physiotherapist to discuss exercises that are best for your type of pain, before starting any treatment.



Back pain expert Eric Sayer from Expert Village discusses over the counter (OTC) medicines that can help relieve back strain.



Other than the medicines mentioned above, you may also apply certain lotions and creams onto the area of pain. These may also provide some relief.



Massage expert Susan G. Salvo of Louisiana Institute Of Massage Therapy demonstrates a brief and effective lower back pain relief routine.



When you are suffering from such a common ailment, it is your responsibility to reduce the stress and strain that you put on your back. There are many activities that should be avoided in order to do this, these include lifting weights that may be too heavy for you, pulling and pushing heavy objects etc. By changing certain elements of your daily routine, your back pain can be greatly reduced.


When none of the treatments mentioned above give you relief, you should go to your doctor who may be able to suggest appropriate pain killing or anti-inflammatory injections.
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