Stem Cell Back Pain Treatment Used By Rick Perry


Stem Cell Back Pain Treatment Used By Rick Perry

Texas Governor and US Presidential Aspirant Rick Perry Has Used Stem Cells To Try And Fix His Back (photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore)

There are a growing number of patients suffering from back pain throughout the world. The doctors and medical practitioners are continuously researching the best treatment that they can offer to patients suffering from back pain. The research is still going on. This research has not really become very common place for back pain sufferers to understand what the research entails and how it is likely to help back pain sufferers.


The most important question relating to the reasons for back pain is still pending to a large extent. Most of the treatments available until now tend to fail the scrutiny. However, research will need to continue for some time to find an answer to these questions. The use of stem cell back pain treatment used by Rick Perry could be a breakthrough. To regenerate tissues, adult stem cells are injected into the spine to heal the damaged tissue that is causing pain so that the result is a cure for back pain. The Governor of Texas has tried this treatment, an experiment to get rid of back pain that was bad, and the treatment has changed his life. For him, this therapy has been innovative.



 Stem Cell Back Pain Treatment Used By Rick Perry

The Texas Medical Board on Friday approved controversial new rules on the use of adult stem cells, raising concerns that Texans could receive therapies that have not yet been proven to work and that could be unsafe.


The new rules allow doctors to perform stem cell procedures as long as they are done for research and receive approval from an institutional review board, which can be private and profit-making. The rules also require that patients sign informed consent forms.


The approval process, which took months, was set off by Gov. Rick Perry, who reported relief from back pain after being injected with his own stem cells last summer before he began his presidential bid. Mr. Perry directed his staff to help push through the legislation on which the new rules are based.


Researchers said the evidence of success of stem cell injections is anecdotal, and they advocate waiting for clinical trial results before allowing doctors to charge patients for the procedures, which typically cost tens of thousands of dollars.


“I think there are some real problems with these rules,” said Leigh Turner, a professor at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Bioethics, who commented on the rules before the board. “The protective mechanism that they’re focusing on isn’t going to do very much.”


The rules’ supporters acknowledged the need for changes, like a better definition of stem cells, but they said the rules would protect Texas patients more effectively. Procedures are being performed now without oversight.


“Doing something at this point is better than doing nothing,” said Mario Salinas, director of Texans for Stem Cell Research, adding, “This is just the first step.”


Mr. Perry received a stem cell injection in July to treat his back pain. That same month, he sent a letter to the medical board chairman commenting on the “revolutionary potential that adult stem cell research and therapies have on our nation’s health, quality of life and economy.” The rules approved on Friday do not address the use of embryonic stem cells — a far more controversial procedure that has drawn moral and religious objections.


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Even though Rick Perry can afford every possible treatment available, he still chose stem cell back pain treatment. He was a very public experiment for this treatment and both he and his doctor together decided to take this step. By taking adult stem cells from his body fat, these cells were injected in his blood, and into his back.


This treatment is still not approved by the Federal rule makers because the treatment involves various kinds of health risks that are not fully understood. It is unknown about how much knowledge of the potential side effects Perry might have had before approving to this treatment. The use of this treatment is only approved for research purposes.  In this case, stem cell back pain treatment used by Rick Perry was unquestionably a bold step in the fight to become free from back pain.


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