Weight Loss For Back Pain Relief


Did you know that our weight has a lot to do with our overall wellness as well as some of the pain in various parts of our bodies? For people who experience back pain, one of the factors being looked into is their weight and the more they gain, the more pain they experience. And so, one of the most effective ways to get back pain relief is by losing weight and keeping a healthy body and lifestyle.


If you undertake a regime of weight loss for back pain relief, you can help your back pain and you won’t be as much at risk with heart problems and other serious complications. You wouldn’t want to be obese and live a difficult and heavy life, would you? The following article may enlighten you about the importance of weight loss to our overall wellness.



Weight Loss For Back Pain Relief

Weight Loss For Back Pain Relief

Weight Loss For Back Pain Relief Is A Winning Move

Fenton chiropractor Dr. Margaret Freihaut, who owns and operates Fenton Family Chiropractic, reports there is a strong link between nutrition counseling for weight loss and reduced back pain. Freihaut designs nutritionally-based weight loss plans for many overweight patients. She explains that while some patients need to lose weight to fine-tune their overall wellness situation, she also helps patients struggling with severe obesity. She often recommends the hCG weight loss program for these patients. She says that the vast majority of patients who lose weight on her nutritional plans report improved health and pain relief for many of the conditions they previously suffered.


According to Dr. Freihaut, nutrition is critical for wellness and weight loss. “Combating obesity is one of the most critical health goals for doctors and patients today, and nutritional counseling and exercise counseling are central to that goal. We’ve known for a long time that being overweight exacerbates conditions like heart disease, diabetes, headaches, arthritis, back pain, and other illnesses, most of which are preventable.” Dr. Freihaut provides personalized nutritional counseling along with chiropractic care to patients throughout Fenton, High Ridge, Valley Park, House Springs, Sunset Hills, Cedar Hill, and Arnold.


Dr. Freihaut cites a recent study by the Stony Brook University Medical Center in New York, which established a strong link between obesity and pain. While the exact mechanisms causing increased pain in obese people are still under investigation, the relationship between increased Body Mass Index (BMI) and pain were clear: People with BMIs from 30 to 34 reported 68 percent more pain than people with a normal BMI; people with BMIs from 35 to 39 reported 136 percent more pain; those struggling with a BMI over 40 complained of 245 percent more pain. Dr. Freihaut says that medical science shows that excess weight leads to poor posture, which pulls the musculoskeletal system out of alignment. This leads to pinched nerves, which can lead to more pain throughout the body.


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Sure you’re cute and huggable being fat or chubby but it is way better to live sexy and healthy. Dr. Freihaut is right: we’ve all known being overweight worsens conditions that are mostly preventable including back pain. If you need back pain relief, you might want to check and watch your weight first by trying to get weight loss for back pain relief. A good amount of exercise wouldn’t kill you. It will in fact shape you into a better you.


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