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Back pain attacks nearly eighty percent of the population. It affects people whatever their age.  This pain varies in types and intensity. For some, the pain may be dull but constantly occurs in the lower back. For others, it sets in suddenly when they bend. Yet for many, the pain is excruciating and located in the upper back. Whatever type of pain you may experience, if it lasts for a long period, it can really make your life miserable.


Why is it so difficult to get back pain relief?.


There are many methods to relieving pain and a lot of back pain relief secrets. But perhaps the most effective way of relieving pain is to exercise. You should develop a habit of exercising every day. This method really gives you relief and prevents the back pain from reoccurring.



These lower back pain relieving exercises will not only reduce back pain, but stop back pain. Watch this video presented by David Wicker of Healthy Lower Back Secrets.


You should find out the reason why you experience this kind of pain. When you know the source of the pain, it is easy to find out how to prevent it. A very common cause of the pain is being overweight. This is due to the extra weight causing a shift in posture, which in turn makes you more likely to suffer from back pain. If this is the cause of the pain, you should take immediate measures to keep in shape. This can be done by watching what you are eating and also exercising. To effectively relieve pain you should take a physiotherapist’s and yoga expert’s guidance in the right exercises to do. Start with gentle, stretching exercises and gradually increase to more vigorous ones.



This video by demonstrates lower back strengthening exercise at home.



If you have to sit down and work for the whole day, use a cushion to support your back while you are sitting. Please keep in mind that the cushion should be a firm one. You should take short breaks to stretch your body gently by standing up and moving different parts of your body. This helps to make your muscles loosen and not get stiff. This helps to relax you and keeps you from getting back pain.



Watch this video of back pain relief exercise strategies from back pain relief expert Malton A. Schexneider, PT, MMSc



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