Cranial Release Technique Back Pain Treatment


Among all methods of alternative health therapy for back pain treatment, cranial release technique back pain treatment has proved to be effective in those who have undergone the process. The treatment involves laying out on a table while your head is manipulated. By moving the skull in a variety of ways helps to enable the body to manage the stress. The release of this stress is also associated with the pelvis, spine and the nervous system of the body. Patients have expressed total satisfaction in getting relief from all convulsions after having a single session as seen in the following article.


Cranial Release Technique Back Pain Treatment

Cranial Release Technique

The Cranial Release Technique has worked for back pain for some sufferers

I am an experimenter when it comes to alternative health strategies.


I’ve tried acupuncture, massage, cognitive behavioral therapy, qigong and other approaches, some of which are roundly endorsed by practitioners of traditional medicine.


Now I can add cranial release technique to the list.


Basically, the technique involves stretching out on a table, with Jones manipulating your head in a forward position. It’s geared to releasing the cranium’s movement and restoring its rhythm, she said. This supposedly eases and releases the body’s ability to manage stress.


“Nobody ever did for me what this did for me in one session,” she said in her soft English lilt. “It felt like all the convolutions got ironed out of my system.”


According to a pamphlet she provided, “the release of the bones of the skull initiates a release of all the tissues and structures associated with the cranium,” which includes everything from the spine and pelvis to the nervous system’s function.


The approach has proven beneficial to Palm Beach resident Emily Knapp, who says she has back pain and serious medical issues, and received the approval of her doctor before undergoing Jones’ treatment.


Not only did she leave the session before we spoke “pain-free,” but she says it has proven good for her balance.


“Actually, I was a little resistant at first to doing this. Now, I find it pleasurable and from the very first time, I got relief. The pain comes back, but not as much as previously. I’ve avoided taking heavy duty pain medicine, except for when I had a kidney stone,” she said. “Whatever Jane is doing, this is helping me.”


Raquel Lambert also is an advocate. This Palm Beacher classifies herself as a weekend warrior with chronic knee issues.


“I was in a lot of pain and this has helped a lot,” said Lambert, who admits she had to establish trust with Jones at first. “I was open to it. I go when I’m off-kilter, have trouble sleeping or am stressed.”


Lambert, who is a photographer, said she felt relief from the first time Jones used this approach. Sometimes, she also gets an acupuncture treatment or a massage along with the cranial release.


“It kind of feels like an alignment, like an inner balance for me when I’m feeling out of sorts,” she said.


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Cranial release technique back pain treatment has proved to be effective for many who are suffering from acute or chronic back pain. People have received immense relief without taking any painkillers. Those who have undergone other methods of alternative therapy have found this type of treatment an effective and pleasurable experience. Cranial release technique is a process of releasing the stress within the cranium bones, helping to restore the balance of the body while providing relief from back pain.  So, the next time you feel a pain in the back, think about the pressure on your head bones.



This video shows Dr. Nick Wise explaining CRT.



A video from Dr. Lance Rawlings to explain the remarkable cranial release technique.


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