Exercise For Lower Back Pain Relief And Fitness


If you are considering doing exercise for lower back pain relief and fitness, keep in mind that you should be aiming to kill two birds with one stone. Each helps the other. If you have a bad back it is likely you are not fit enough in the first place, and that your core muscles don’t provide enough support for your spine. If you think about healing your back AS WELL as getting fit in general by strengthening your body, it is likely you will experience an overall improvement in general health AS WELL as fixing your back.

Try and think of it as getting your body, mind and back fit all at the same time.  Your lifestyle often dictates the physical injuries you get – so a healthy lifestyle often means a healthier back!


Exercise For Lower Back Pain Relief And Fitness


exercise for lower back pain relief and fitness

If you exercise for lower back pain relief and fitness you will reap the benefits by feeling fitter and reducing your back pain



This is a big one. Health is a very broad topic, but consider that appropriate exercise is indicated in the prevention and management of almost every chronic disease, from diabetes to cardiovascular conditions to arthritis.


Exercise regulates our blood sugars, improves our circulation and respiration and removes waste products from our bodies while helping to deliver healthy nutrients to our cells and tissues.


The right approach to exercise helps balance and neutralize our body’s pH, keeping our internal environment from becoming too acidic, a condition that can contribute to multiple health problems.


Exercise helps maintain our caloric balance, preventing weight-gain and obesity while allowing us to eat more nutritious food. It helps keep our muscles limber and our joints stable. It keeps us strong and agile, which reduces stress to our joints and decreases our likelihood of tripping and falling.


Exercise improves our static and dynamic posture and is essential in the treatment and prevention of back pain and other spinal conditions. Exercise is routinely prescribed as a cornerstone in rehabilitation programs for injuries, joint-replacement surgeries and cardio-vascular events.


In summary, I believe it would be difficult to find an area of health that isn’t positively influenced by the performance of appropriate exercise.




Twenty years ago the sporting community’s approach to exercise was very different than it is today.


Even in the first years of my business I worked closely with a number of athletes, including professional football players, and remember being shocked that many athletes didn’t really train seriously. On my own university football team many of the athletes got by on natural talent and didn’t see the need for training.


In this day and age raw talent isn’t enough. It’s expected that all athletes must train hard because the benefits to their performance are well under-stood. An athlete who has high levels of athleticism, talent and technical ability, who also trains effectively, will set the bar very high and his competitors will all need to work hard to keep up.


I believe that the take-away message for everyone – not just for athletes – is that exercise will make you better, at whatever it is that you want to do.



It is not just a physical benefit you can gain from regular exercise, but also the mental relief from stress and anxiety that it provides. Anyone that does regular exercise understands the ‘rush’ it provides, and many are often thought to be addicted to exercise due to the rush of adrenaline it regularly provides. Just the general mental peace of mind that exercise provides can be a great source of relaxation and happiness in your life.
Consider some of these points below when determining how exercise can help you not only lose weight, but make you feel MUCH better and be less tired in your daily life.





Looking past the physical rewards of exercise, there is ample evidence that regular activity benefits us men-tally as well.


At the very least, the chemical endorphin release brought about during and after exercise improves our mood and enhances our feeling of well-being. This is so effective that exercise is prescribed in the prevention and management of depression.


Regular exercise has also been shown to improve our productivity, keeping us motivated and enthusiastic. It also keeps us alert and men-tally sharp. Companies know that employees who exercise regularly are better able to manage stress and are more engaged and effective.
Exercise also improves confidence and self-image, which is vitally important in youth.
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