KKT Treatment: Non Invasive Back Pain Relief


Here is another option for back pain sufferers. It is KKT Treatment: Non Invasive Back Pain Relief. KKT stands for Khan Kinetic Treatment, named after Dr Khan, the pioneer of this technology.


Here is an excerpt from a recent article about the this treatment from the Montreal Gazette.



KKT Treatment: Non Invasive Back Pain Relief

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KKT Treatment for back pain is yet another new technology that is worth a try

For Lynda Troutman, back pain has been a challenge throughout her adult life. After a car accident triggered lower back pain flare-ups through her 20s and 30s, Troutman’s troubles worsened dramatically when she attempted the most innocuous of tasks in October 2010.


“I picked up a basket of laundry and that was it,” the North Vancouver woman remembers. “I was flat on my back. I cried all the way to the chiropractor’s office.”


Troutman was immobilized with back pain, and almost completely bedridden for a month.


Having seen friends go through the trauma of failed back surgery, Troutman was eager to explore non-invasive alternatives.


“Within four weeks of not being able to move, it was like, ‘Is this it? Are we old now?’ ” she remembers. “What about our life plans?”


On the advice of a friend, Troutman met with a homeopath.


She stopped eating things like red meat, hydrogenated fats, wheat and sugar, and limited her alcohol consumption.


When her homeopath suggested she add selected supplements to her diet, she began taking magnesium, vitamin C, calcium and vitamin D, among others.


The adjustments to her diet, along with regular visits to her chiropractor, offered a measure of relief and mobility, though Troutman remained focused on making a full recovery.


“With the homeopath and the chiropractor I was able to get walking,” she said. “And that’s when a friend suggested I … try the KKT.”


KKT stands for Khan Kinetic Treatment.


KKT practitioners use a pulsating stylus device to send gentle vibrational frequencies along the spine of their patient.


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Here is a video from Dr Khan detailing what KKT is all about, and how the treatment works.



And more specific information about the KKT machine and video modelling on how the treatment works on your body’s self healing process.



As with all new cutting edge technologies that often promise the world but fail to deliver, sufferers should always be cautious as to the claims of the product. However it is also important to keep our minds open to anything that may help our problems. KKT Treatment non invasive back pain relief treatment looks interesting and as it is a non invasive option it is definitely one to consider after doing more research.


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