Myovision Test Back Pain Treatment


Whenever you visit a doctor or specialist with your back pain, it is often very difficult to try and explain what type of pain you are experiencing, and the specific location of the pain. With this new myovison test back pain treatment, a technology that was developed by NASA for use in space for astronauts, finally there seems to be a way where the technology tells us the exact origin of where the pain  is located.


Sounds like a very nifty device, and the fact that it was first used up in space to measure changes in the spines of astronauts makes it that extra bit interesting.


So if you are looking to try something different, keep an eye out and ask your doctor about the myovision test scanner to find the exact source of your back pain.


Myovision Test Back Pain Treatment

myovision test backpain treatment

The myovision test back pain treatment was developed by NASA

NASA technology is being used for the first time in Britain to target back and neck pain.


The Myovision test is based on research by US scientists to measure changes in the spinal muscles of astronauts.


The check is so accurate it can even pick up problems undetected by an X-ray.


London-based osteopath Paul Musk is the first to use the diagnostic check which costs £34. Until now, practitioners have been forced to rely on the patient to explain where the pain is.


But Myovision takes just a few minutes to pinpoint the areas which are causing the pain in the first place. Mr Musk, who runs the Docklands and Eltham Osteopathy clinics, said it could help thousands with back problems. He said: “Back pain can be difficult to diagnose but with this scan you can instantly see all the areas where the patient has problems and start to treat them immediately.”


Lee Hawkins, 27, of Rochester, is one of the first patients to benefit from the test. An accident at work caused two fractures and a break of the lower back which left him in “crippling pain” and unable to walk properly.


The site manager said: “After two treatments I could walk, drive and perform most day-to-day tasks.”


The scanner is the size of a remote control and similar to an ECG which measures heart activity.

Original article from the London Evening Standard


There are often new products that come on to the market that promise all sorts of miracle cures and relief – however, every now and then something comes on the market that proves extremely useful and the myovision test back pain treatment could just be one of those.


It may not cure you of your back pain, but it is a tool that helps diagnose exactly what your condition may be, and the specific location in your body that needs treatment. The fact that it picks up more than an x-ray, and is a hand held device that is portable and inexpensive, means that the applications are numerous in detecting back pain.


Definitely one to watch in the coming months and years, as we move towards smaller, cheaper and more powerful diagnostic devices for any kind of ailment.


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