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There are many causes of back pain. However, it results mostly when there is imbalance in your back muscles. It also results from the modern lifestyle of sitting around a lot and driving long distances. This kind of lifestyle can lead to weight gain which in turn can lead to bad posture as your body has to shift in order to counteract the extra weight. Incorrect posture can lead to pain in the back.


Here is a wonderfully informative video from fitness expert and college basketball coach Scott Thom. He demonstrates his top 5 back stretches of all time.



If you are involved in sports then it may be that you are working with certain parts of your body and neglecting your back. In that case you may also get this pain. You could also get it when you do not correct the root cause of the ailment and simply treat the symptoms by pills. The pain goes away temporarily but comes back as the root remains untreated and uncorrected. When there is an imbalance in the muscles of your back, it results in its dysfunction. Due to this, many conditions can develop and is manifested in the resulting pain. So solving the imbalance will take care of the root cause and not let the pain appear at any point in your life. This can be done through certain regular exercises and stretches for lower back pain.


Stretches that aid in pain relief by helping take stress off the low back and hips and may greatly reduce the advancement of arthritis

Let us discuss some stretches that help keep your back pain free. The first one is a stretch of the hip flexor while standing. To do this stretch you need to stand up on one leg and bend your knee to the back of your body and hold the toes with both hands. Alternate this with the other leg. You will need to do this a number of times and whenever you are free. The next stretch is the same kind but in a lunging position.
The next stretch can be done while sitting. Sit straight on a chair keeping one leg over the other in a ninety degree position. Now move forward by keeping your back straight. The same stretch can be done by lying down on your back. There are many more to learn about. You can consult a physiotherapist for this and get the result in days. So stretches for lower back pain can be the solution for the root of the disease to be solved in order to keep you fit and healthy throughout your life.



Lower back pain can be caused by stiff muscles that require proper stretching. Learn how to do lower back stretch exercises in this stretching and flexibility video with certified personal trainer Amy McCauley from Gold’s Gym.




Watch the leg cross-over lower back stretch video to improve your lower back flexibility and relieve tight hip and lower back muscles. This video is from the The Stretching Institute.




Here are some excellent back pain stretches from Jonathan Stewart at


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